Lemon loaf to share with the ladies

Get me, two posts in one evening!

Well tomorrow I am attending an NCT coffee afternoon. My antenatal group meet up with our little ones (now almost 6 months old) & eat & chat. So I jump at the chance to bake and take something along, whether they have asked for a contribution or not!

Tonight I made the Hummingbird Bakery’s Lemon Loaf. Beeingboo bakes a fabulous lemon drizzle cake which inspired me. Plus, I love the pungent aroma created by grating the lemon zest & squeezing the juice whilst making it.

For this I used my beloved Kitchenaid.


Rather than faffing with greasing & lining the tin, using a paper loaf case makes it easy to turn the cake out of the tin.


Making this made me even more determined to finally buy some more stable scales. I like that these are not digital but the slightest pouring of flour off centre knocks the metal bowl off balance, creating a cloud of flour smoke. I think I am at risk of contracting Baker’s Lung the amount of times I’ve done this. This evening I managed to keep the contents in the bowl however.


I had a slightly deeper, shorter tin than the recipe called for so I had to increase the baking time. I also slightly over boiled the lemon syrup so I was left with a more jammy drizzle rather than a light syrup, but I think it turned out fine & may benefit from the more intense lemony flavour (we’ll see tomorrow when we devour it)!


Now hubby & I just need to refrain from tasting it before tomorrow!



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