Buttons buttons everywhere

I love buttons! I have jars of the things. I happily spend hours sorting them, gazing at them lovingly and then popping them back into their jars to dream of one day being made into something.

Imagine my excitement when I found a tutorial for making buttons with magic paper type stuff called Shrinkles. It is not an over exaggeration to say my life will never be the same! I also love bees! It is a rare day that I am not wearing or carrying something bee themed. So, what else would I use for inspiration in my first button making foray?!

And here we have them….eeek squeak….Bee Buttons!


They’re by no means perfect, but my little bee buttons have made me very happy today.

Next time I make buttons, I’ll take photos as I go along. (I thought I had today, only to find that I had no memory card in the camera! Oops)

I’m off now work on some designs for other buttons and bask is their buzzy gloriousness.





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