Tip of the Week!

Our first Tip of the Week. To be honest, I’m not sure if there’ll be a tip every week but I couldn’t think of a better title!

Bex and I both love Cross Stitch and some of our work will be shared with you shortly. But, the strands of floss on the numbered cardboard (that you get in the kits) always leave me in a mess – literally!

Does this look familiar?

A really easy and quick way to stop this happening is to create your own “spools” of floss. This has 2 advantages, firstly, the above doesn’t happen and secondly if you ever need that colour again you have it to hand all tidy, wound up and labelled.

Viola, no more flossy tangles! You don’t need to buy the cardboard cutout spools. make your own, you just need something to wrap the floss around. If you punch a hole in the top like these you can even put them onto a ring to keep them together – very handy if you’re cross stitching on the move.




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