White chocolate & pecan; “a more sophisticated cookie”

Another NCT meet, another excuse to bake. This time round I’m going for cookies from; yes, you guessed it, the old faithful Hummingbird Bakery cookbook!

Contrary to appearances, I do own more than this one cookbook. In fact, I have acquired quite a lovely large collection of cookbooks over the years. It became a hobby of mine. I have everything from “Larousse Gastranomique”, to my sister’s Good Housekeeping from the 80s, to “More Grub for Less Grant”, to “The Elvis Cookbook” & many more in between. However, I still live in a teeny tiny flat & just before my daughter was born my cookbooks were neatly stowed in boxes & relegated to under the bed as we turned our spare room into the nursery. Gordon Ramsey’s “Cooking for Friends” was replaced with “The Hungry Caterpillar” the same time the Waterford crystal made way for Tommee Tippie. I keep meaning to dig them out & this blog might give me the impetus. Alas! The Kitchenaid survived the cull & this cookbook wound up at the top of one of the not-very-accessible boxes. But I digress.

The book promises this is “a more sophisticated cookie”, & I quite agree. Not so sophisticated was me licking out the bowl – Cookie Dough Dynamo is my fave Ben & Jerry’s flavour!

Freezing the dough for two hours made what I thought was a quick bake into a bit of a drawn out thing (I really should read through the recipe properly before I dive in). But it did feel quite satisfying slicing the huge, semi-soft slabs of cookie dough, & slicing through the chunks of pecan nuts & white chocolate.


So here they are, fresh from the oven, warm, gooey & perfect with a glass of milk. One of my NCT chums is not that keen on nuts or raisins in baked goods. Let’s see how these go down tomorrow …



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