Powder puff & curly whiskers

I hadn’t attempted cross stitch since I was about 14 years old. I remember well that piece I created of a cute little teddy bear. I picked up the kit in a craft shop during one of the many excursions with my Mum to buy wool for her next knitting project. It was not very neat (I remember I just wanted to have the finished product & didn’t have the patience to stitch it properly), but fun. I still have it in my memory box.

So more than 15 years later I decided to pick up the craft again. Off I trotted to John Lewis to explore. After much deliberation I settled on a small Peter Rabbit motif to start ease in gently.

The choice of this rather famous little bunny was apt as Peter has just celebrated his 100th year, I have adored Beatrix Potter since I was a baby (my daughter was very nearly named Beatrix) & she has these beautiful limited edition prints.

I thought Peter was going to be easy when in fact he turned out to be quite tricky. The outline, although a simple backstitch, became quite intricate as there is such a lot of fine detail in a small area. My patience soon wore thin & he languished at the bottom of my craft box unfinished for a few months.

But then I started this blog & bought some more new cross stitch projects I wanted to make which kick started me back into action.

Once he was finally finished I had to wash, iron & frame him. A You Tube tutorial (yes I am one of those women now) taught me to gently soak him in warm water with washing up liquid as clothes detergent would make the colours run. I also learnt it is important to wash the piece because invisible marks from oil on my hands would become visible stains in the future.

Once washed I rolled him up in a clean towel to soak up excess moisture & left to dry. I then placed him between two towels & ironed him. I also pressed any stray threads from the back so that they would show through the Aida when framed.
20120914-224132.jpg 20120914-224210.jpg 20120914-224242.jpg

I’m not sure I attached him to the mount correctly, but it worked for me & I’m happy with the result.

Here he is hanging on the nursery wall.

I wonder how long it will last until he’s replaced with the latest teen idol!



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