Fusilli? Not so Silly!

Ever been inspired by pasta? No? Me neither until the other day.

I have been busy practising my very basic crochet skills but making headbands for friends baby girls. I really wanted to make with a bow, but didn’t know where to start. A few bow patterns I found looked a bit complex for my skill level.

Then, my dinner inspired me! Fusilli, it’s a bow, but it’s just a rectangle squashed in the middle to make a bow! If there is something I can crochet, it’s square shapes!

And, here we have it:

It did encourage me to try something a little harder and I managed some basic roses and even some bead work!
Here’s a little selection of the headbands I made.
And here is the beautiful M, wearing her Mabel Headband!
So you see, inspiration can come from the strangest places!

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