Pompom Power!

Remember making pompoms in school? Two cardboard discs with the centre cut out that you’d oh so carefully and painstakingly wind the wool around so it was even. Then cutting between the discs and tying the wool around to hold it all together. Finally and very excitedly prising the 2 discs away to reveal your pompom! Eek squeak! And, oh my gosh, they were always massive!

In a moment of pompom nostalgia last night I decided to make one. I have seen a technique on so many blogs and craft sites, it’s nothing new but it makes tiny pompoms. And who doesn’t love things in miniature!

So, all you need is a fork, some wool and scissors.

The technique couldn’t be simpler. Wrap the wool around the prongs of the fork. Tie it in the middle, nice and tight. The remove it from the fork – at this point it’ll look like a bow – and cut the wool.

And viola, a teeny tiny pompom! Expect to see these in projects coming soon!

Boo x


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