Quick Craft – Fingerprint Reindeer Cards

Christmas is fast approaching – it is, even if you are in denial about it – and who doesn’t love to receive a handmade card. Especially if it involves the wee ones of your family!

This is a really quick, easy and effective card you can make with the kids, however small they are.

How long will it take?

20-30 mins (plus tidying time!)

What you’ll need:

Blank cards, poster paint and/or ink stamps, felt pen/marker, reindeer noses, glue, any embellishments you fancy!

How to make it:

Take a plain card, ink up a thumb or finger and make a gorgeous big print on the card.

Your reindeer will need antlers – these are really easy to draw just 3-4 lines.

Add eyes – this can either be drawn on or I’m quite partial to a googly eye. Finally, add your reindeer nose – I’ve used a tiny pom pom.

And there you have it, a Finger Print Reindeer. Maybe get the whole family to do it and have a finger print reindeer family!

Boo x


2 thoughts on “Quick Craft – Fingerprint Reindeer Cards

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