Harry’s Blanket – Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a bunny!

There is a new baby in our midst – Little Harry! Harry is the latest addition to the gosh darn gorgeous Mullen family who live, what sometimes feels a gazillion miles away, in Australia.

I thought for a long time – about 6 months in fact – about what I could make to send him/her.  But after the success of the Bun Blanket, I decided to test both my design and sewing skills and came up with the Harry Blanket.

It started as a rough sketch in my little notebook which I take everywhere.  Then, to a not very technical version hastily drawn up on word, which was promptly printed and scribbled on to try to get some scale and templates for the real thing.

Too much money was spent on tiny pieces of fabric and some frankly silly ideas were on the verge of becoming reality!  Then it came to actually trying to make it.  I will admit I was a little overwhelmed by my “amazing” idea at this stage.  Lou was warned that she may end up with a bag of scraps, to which she replied “at least it’d be from the heart!”  Awwww, so the right response!  The clock was ticking, a little too fast for my liking.  I only had a matter of days to make it and post it off to Australia as I had spent too many weeks throwing ideas in my already too busy brain!  So, in earnest I buckled down and the Harry Blanket started to come together….

The basic idea was a little fuzzy bunny floating up high in the sky in a basket with balloons.

The clouds were cut from fuzzy fur and hemmed to stop them fraying and covering Harry in white fluff.  Next I cut out the large balloons.  I really wanted to applique the balloons on, but as I haven’t done it before – not properly – this was not the time to experiment.  So, the balloons had bias binding edging added to prevent fraying.  I played with the placement as I didn’t want the edging to be visible through any overlaps.  Then finally the small balloons, in complimentary spotty fabric.

I laid out the “sky”, worked out where everything needed to go and pinned it in place.  I was ready to start sewing.  Steadily it all started to come together.  All the balloons,clouds and basket lining were in place.

Now for the bunny!  He needed a basket, he’s only a little bunny he wouldn’t be able to hold onto the ribbons!  I searched my fabric box, there was nothing which had the effect I wanted.  Then *light bulb*, I’d crochet one!  Perfect, a simple double crochet stitch would have the effect of a woven basket and I already had the exact shade of wool.  Once this was attached, I was nearly there.

The front and back of the blanket were sewn together and the wadding inserted.  I sewed an edge about 15mm around, I do this for 2 reasons.  The key reason is it hold this wadding in place, but also because personally I think it looks better.  More finished and gives a frame to the design.

And it is:


There are a things I learnt making this.  Firstly, I love sewing with gingham!  My sewing in straight line skills are lacking, but with gingham I have a ready made line to sew along. Perfect!  What I wouldn’t do next time?  Sew the ribbon on last.  Yes, I assembled the whole thing and then decided to attach the ribbons.  I don’t know why, I think I got carried away with the excitement of it nearly being done.  But, in future more carful planning is needed around even the little bits you think will be easy.  I still have an awful lot to learn, but for my second ever blanket, I’m fairly happy!

I will leave you with a picture of bunny setting off on his adventure!



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