Creating at the Create Inn

When Mabel was a mere 13 weeks old my antenatal group arranged for us all to immortalise our babies’ hand & foot prints on a plate or mug. I had found John Lewis’ professional job too pricey. My Mothercare do-it-yourself kit was a disaster – the putty was way too soft. Jo discovered the wonderful Create Inn. It’s a cute café-style shop where you choose and decorate the pottery yourself. They then glaze it & a couple of days later you can pick up your masterpiece!

This was my effort (cobbled together between feeding, burping, changing and comforting a crying Mabel & whilst in a sleep-deprived, shell-shocked haze). It now sits proudly on my Mum’s bookcase.

Mabel mug_4

Getting the hand print was a challenge because up until about 8/9 months babies have a strong reflex to activate their vice-like grip whenever anything touches their palms. But with the help & patience of the experienced shop assistant, we did manage to get something resembling her hand & foot in the end. Sadly they didn’t tell me (or I didn’t listen, which is quite possible) that when the ceramics are fired in the kiln the colours fade so to make sure they stay vivid it is best to go over your work three times. I didn’t do this so the flowers aren’t as blue as I would have liked, but hey its still a one-of-a-kind piece.

Last weekend it was Mabel’s wonderful Grandmama’s (my Mother-in Law’s) 60th birthday. I thought it would be nice (& fun) to make her a plate with Mabel’s prints on. It’s such a lovely memento. Seeing how tiny M’s little hands & feet were at 13 weeks helps me remember those precious little details which fly by so fast & are easily forgotten.

Again the same clever lady got a great hand and foot print in the middle of the plate. Mabel found it a little ticklish this time round!



Next it was time to decorate the rest of the plate. There was an array of colours to choose from and some illustration books on hand for inspiration. Nick came along too & he did a great job of spacing out the text in pencil before we committed to the paint. The beauty of the kiln is that it burns all the pencil off.


Next is was time to paint. This was so relaxing & fun. It was a little time consuming having to go over it three times but the result was worth it.


I painted some Emma Bridgewater-esque hearts round the sides to fill up the space. Here it is before being fired ….


…. & here’s the finished article. I would love to eat my toast off this every morning!





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