Hart’s Rudolph Prints

Inspired by our own blog & Cara’s previous post showing how to make super cute reindeer Christmas fingerprint cards, I decided to try my hand at making my own Christmas cards this year. As it is Mabel’s first Christmas I wanted to include her in some way so thought I could adapt Cara’s design to 3 reindeers representing each member of the Hart family!

My idea turned out to be a little ambitious. What started out as fun craft soon became a bit of a chore as they took longer to make than I had anticipated (6 googly eyes to stick on per card!). Add starting back at work & a sick baby & Mummy to the mix, & the thought of finishing them made me put it off for a while. But once I got into it, glass of wine in hand, it was a fun distraction.

I won’t go through the method/materials needed as Cara has already covered it perfectly in her post.

I think the most fun aspect was the joy of having these wonderful packets of googly eyes, which took me back a few years!


I have to confess the small fella representing Mabel was not her print but in fact my little finger!! “Cheat” you say. Well I say trying to get a poorly 9 month old to sit still & content long enough to accurately place her fingerprint on 50-odd cards is a near impossible task. So I made my life easy.


Next I added the cute antlers with my trustie Sharpie.


Then the time consuming & slightly fiddly bit was to stick on the eyes.

Next I popped on some mini red pom pom noses *love* and they were complete!


I just needed to keep Meg from squishing them!


Merry Christmas!




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