A Teacup Pincushion

Surely everyone needs a pin cushion?!  And, what is cuter than a vintage tea cup pin cushion.  I first made one a few years ago with a mini cup that I got from my grandad’s house.  I love it and it’s never far from where I sit!  So, I decided to make one for Bex as part of her birthday present.

My Teacup Inspiration

My Teacup Inspiration

What you’ll need:

Needle and thread
Glue – I use a hot glue gun
Embellishments (optional)


Make sure your teacup is clean and dry.  Then take a small piece of wadding – the size will depend on the size of your cup.  But, you’ll want it to roughly half fill your cup some you’ve rolled it up a bit.

I like to roll up the wadding a little, so that it’s a bit firmer for the bottom of the cup to form the base.  You could liken it a little to felting as you just need to work the wadding (rolling, smooshing etc) but it’s firmer and less cloud like.  

Now, pop a little glue in the bottom of the cup and sticking your wadding in.

PIncushion Collage1

Next you need to cut a circle out of your fabric.  It doesn’t need to be a perfect circle as you won’t see the edges.  I normally pop the cup on the fabric (upside down) and draw a rough circle about 1½  – 2 cm larger than the circumference of the top of the cup.

Now take the needle and thread and do a nice simple running stitch all the way around the edge of the fabric leaving about 1cm.  (When you do this you’ll need to leave enough thread at the start as you are going to need to pull the threads.)  Take the 2 ends of your thread and gently pull them through.  Your fabric will start to “dome”.  You see what’s happening here?!  Once it’s the right width and dome-i-ness for your pincushion, knot the threads together.

This now needs to be filled with wadding, again, pack it a little, but not so that it is solid.  You want it so that you can stick your pins in but not tough that you have to use the strength of Thor to get them in!

PIncushion Collage2

Now comes more hot glue gun action!  Pop some glue on top of the base wadding and put your now filled cushion top on.  Leave it for a second to set, now you need to secure around the side, so gently pulling the cushion away from the edges, put glue on the cup then let the cushion rest back against it.  It you need to you can easily push it against the glue.  Doing it this way you get a less obvious glue line around the top of the cup but the cushion is secured in place.  

PIncushion Collage3

Once that’s all set your teacup is pin-cushioned!  Embellish away.  I stick a bow on pretty much anything so I’ve simply added a little ribbon bow on the handle.


A useful but pretty pressie!



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