Hopping through hoops

So, I have been MIA from here for a little while. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy, let’s say cooking……


Now, back to the crafting!  I always had grand ideas of all these things I would make for the nursery. So with the impending arrival and nothing made, it was time to get crafty.

Inspired by Becky’s felt bird I decided to get in on the felt action. After some googling and pinteresting of felt woodland animals I decided to make a bunny to hang in the nursery. I’ve always loved the embroidery hoops with different fabrics and decorations as wall hangings so wanted to use that somehow.

Firstly I drew the outline of the bunny on the felt and around the inside of hoop so I could size the bunny.


Then cut out 2 of them – I wasn’t worried about the pencil showing as it would be in the inside and the edges would add a little definition – and sewed them together.  Don’t forget to leave a gap at the bottom for the stuffing.  The lovely thing about sewing felt is you can make it nice and neat so no need to turn the fabric inside out to hide the sem as it’s part of the felt charm!  I didn’t over stuff him, he didn’t need to be massive and round, just enough to give him some shape.  The ears didn’t get stuffed at all.  Bunny’s have flat ears!



Now he needed a tail.  Out came the button jar and a teeny button was selected.  I used it the wrong way round to get the specks of colour.  The eagle – eyed amongst you may recongnise this little fella from a certain special lady’s christening wish tree!


Next I wound the rick rack around the hoop.


Now the bunny could be attached.  Just a few stitches along the bottom and through the ribbon.  Luckily he sat up nicely, but if you have a wonky bunny, a few well placed stitches can be used to straighten him up.


Nearly there!  It looked a bit bare with just the bunny in the hoop, so I decided to finally use some of the bits and bobs I have lying about in boxes.  I found these lovely wired beads which would give me a tree/blossom type effect.  I threaded the ends though the ribbon, wound round once and trimmed the rest off so it end of the wire was at the back of the hoop.  The gold of the wire was perfectly disguised by the gold flecks in the ribbon.  I assure you this entirely by luck, not judgement or pre-planning!  I then secured it in place with a few stitches to make sure the ends of the wire were held done and to then a few stitches to hold the ribbon in place near it.



Finally, it just needed something to hang it with.  So, I dived into one of my ribbon boxes, found one I liked and secured it around the top, tied a bow – I love tying bows! – and then knotted it to give the loop for hanging.  And here it is!


I am now planning on making a set of these and I will show you them as soon as they’re done.

Boo x


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