Lemon & Poppy seed cake – drizzling during grizzling!

My Mum brought me back a selection of wonderful dried herbs from her holiday in Crete this year, which included a bag of poppy seeds. What better way to use them than in a lemon & poppy seed cake?

Here’s the wonderful indoor food market in Chania (can’t wait to go back here).
I’ve tried this yummy Jamie Oliver
recipe here before. He adds almonds which makes the cake really moist. The poppy seeds give it a lovely texture too.
I love cooking with lemons – the flavour is awesome & the smell of freshly grated lemon zest is divine. In this recipe it’s important to use un-waxed organic lemons to avoid the nasties in the rind.
Here’s the ingredients:
I wish you could add the heavenly aroma wafting around the kitchen during these shots! Lemon zest is added to the cake batter.
Icing sugar is dissolved into warmed lemon juice for the drizzle. Then, for a triple lemony hit, more juice is added to icing sugar for the glaze.
Mix all the ingredients in a mixer then fold in the poppy seeds & almonds. Resist the temptation to eat the batter!
Pour the mixture into a greased & lined springform cake tin & smooth the top, making a little dip in the middle so that it rises more evenly.
Put it in the oven. Once cooked, while it is still warm, prick holes in the top with a skewer & pour the drizzle into the holes. Finally, pour the glaze over the top in the middle & spread it out over the top of the cake with a pallet knife, letting it dribble over the sides.

There weren’t any pictures of these final stages as Mabel woke early from her nap super grizzly (poor little thing is teething), so I had to finish the cake in a hurry, but here’s the slice I had with my cuppa.
Thanks for the poppy seeds Mum!



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