My little caped cruisader

Fancy dress day at nursery & Mabel’s first dress up. Wanting to start as I mean to go on, it had to be good.

After scouring the Internet one evening I found a stream of generic pink fluffy fairy outfits, Disney characters, bees & ladybugs. All very sweet but not quite right for my little girl.

On a trip to Hennes, in the baby section I was pondering purchasing the inevitable pink tu-tu when I heard my comic book, Big Bang fanatic husband yell; “I’m calling it Becks, she’s going as Supergirl” as he bounded along brandishing a Superman t-shirt. I was skeptical. But then after some thought I warmed to the idea.

She needed more than a t-shirt though. She needed a cape. I had to make the cape. So off to John Lewis & we bought a length of sapphire red stretch satin.

I measured it to size, leaving enough room round the sides to sew the edges to stop fraying.  I cut it oue then pinned the edges & sewed it using a simple back stitch. I then attached it to the shirt at the corners to the shoulders hey presto! The Girl would be Super.



Red shorts & a pair of yellow socks folded over a red pair finished it off. We looked everywhere & failed to find a red skirt (I was concerned she wouldn’t look feminine enough). She looked pretty darn cute in the end though.


Apparently the nursery nurses tried to get her to pose for a picture by raising her arm as if she was flying but she wouldn’t cooperate. I think she was too tired. Even baby super heroes need their beauty sleep. It’s exhausting saving the World.


Bex x


One thought on “My little caped cruisader

  1. Amazing! I spent yesterday trying to find my best friends new born a superman suit and don’t find any I liked. I shall be stealing this idea very soon:-) x

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