“Iced” cream. Eaton a mess?

I’ve seen two TV chefs make ice cream without an ice cream maker this week & was inspired to try the same. I adore ice cream but don’t have a machine & wanted to give it a go.

Nigel Slater, once again my inspiration, made this quick & easy PYO ice cream. He also reminded me to make sure I visit my local PYO farm again this year for some hand picked summer berries. It’s such a fun day out & a large part of the reason I love living 10 mins drive from the countryside. This time Mabel will enjoy helping me!

Homemade ice creams are traditionally custard based & to ensure the result is as smooth & creamy as possible a machine is recommended because when you freeze anything from a liquid to a solid, crystals form.

The machine churns the mixture making sure the crystals don’t form.

No one likes crunchy ice cream – unless its say a piece of honeycomb or a chocolate chunk!

I thought therefore that ice cream making was off limits but Nigel taught me you don’t need fancy gadgets. Homemade ice cream is simple & delicious & all you need is a whisk & a carton of double cream.

My Farther-in-law offered to babysit for us on Saturday night & I like to leave Grandpa something yummy in the fridge as a thank you. Cara brought some delicious strawberries over on Friday night for after supper. We didn’t get around to eating them (we went straight for the profiteroles instead!).

So I whizzed up some cream with a dash of vanilla & a few tablespoons of icing sugar then washed, chopped & stirred in the strawbs & crumbled in some crunchy/chewy meringue nests.

I didn’t have time to make the coulis but it is very easy – just gently heat & strain the berries through a sieve or whizz them up in a blender & sweeten to taste with icing sugar.

On Sunday there was plenty of Eaton mess left in the fridge so I thought I would do as Nigel did & put it in the freezer. I didn’t even bother to decant it into a freezer box, I just kept it in the basin I mixed it in.

No churning, no custard, just frozen cream. After all, isn’t that just what “ice cream” is?

This was the yummy result.


I was so impatient for creamy, meringue, strawberry heaven that I only managed to freeze it for 3 hours. It would have benefitted from the full 4 hours but was delicious nonetheless.

I really like the texture of the crunchy meringue against the smooth cream & the tartness of the berries against the sweetness of the meringue. A classic & lush flavour combo.

There are so many options I’m inspired to try some more & make this a regular summer frozen treat.

I think next time I will stew the fruit & ripple the compote through the cream to distribute the flavour of the fruit more evenly.

Yoghurt works well too – the craze for “Fro-Yo” is taking off & M adores yoghurt & fruit so I will be trying this for her (& me) next.

Sorbets are also super easy as the ice crystal problem is eliminated. You just need to stir them to get the consistency right – more of a frozen slush than an ice cube.

It all lasts for ages in the freezer too.

How about ice cream sandwiches like these from The Glitter Guide


Perfect for warm sunny days – if we ever get any!

Bex x


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