Summer chicken one pan cobbler

This week I discovered this summer chicken one pan cobbler. It’s delicious, & coming in at just over £1 a head, we will be adding it to our mid-week family meals. Mabel scoffed it down rather quickly too!

I have previously only ever made a cobbler in pudding form (apple/plum) so was interested in how it works as a savoury dish. A cobbler is a cousin of the crumble & involves a topping of dollops (or “cobbles”) of batter made from self-raising flour & eggs which then rises in the oven to form a sort of giant dumpling. This savoury version adds grated cheese to the mix & it tastes similar to a very light cheese scone.

This recipe uses peas, leeks & carrots which are perfect for summer & chicken thighs which I think are a more succulent but cheaper cut than breasts, which can be quite dry. You can add whichever veg you have to hand to use up. Frozen peas work fine & the carrots could be replaced with courgettes. I also love the flavour combination of cooking tarragon with chicken in an unctuous milky, sauce.

The list of ingredients is quite long but most of it should already be in your pantry so it’s not as fussy as it looks. It does take a little while to prepare but it serves 4 (or 2 adults & a baby with leftovers).




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