White chocolate and Irish Cream fudge

I’ve been MIA for a little while, but am slowly easing myself back into the wonderful world of craft. It’s this time of year, it makes me craze makey bakey goodness!

I started last week with Coca Cola cake for babies that brunch.

Now it was time for something more festive and importantly, new! I’ve wanted to make this for a while and didn’t realise I hadn’t blogged my normal fudge recipe. I will rectify that at some point, but today was about White Chocolate and Irish Cream fudge.

500g golden caster sugar
500ml double cream
50ml Irish Cream
150g white chocolate

In a large pan mix the sugar (I actually use 250g golden caster and 250g white granulated), cream and Irish Cream over a low heat. Keep stirring until the sugar has dissolved – it’ll no longer feel grainy when you stir the bottom of the pan. Now turn up the heat and bring the mix to a rolling boil. Now you’ll find out why you need a large pan, the mixture will grow and you don’t want boiling sugar spilling over! You have to keep an eye on the mixture, sugar can and will burn easily. Keep stirring occasionally until it reaches softball temperature, about 117C. I really recommend a sugar thermometer, although there are techniques you can use if you don’t have one. Once it reaches the temperature take off the heat and add the chocolate stirring until it is well mixed. Then tip into a lined pan to cool. I suggest cutting before it’s completely cooled as the fudge is quite crumbly.

Next time I’m going to tweak the Irish cream ans cream ratios as the itish cream didn’t really come through. But viola, white chocolate and Irish cream fudge ready to go!


Merry Christmas!
Boo x


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