Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

Christmas is not Christmas in the Hart household without gingerbread cookies. They’re worth baking for the wonderful smell alone. The raw cookie dough is pretty moreish too.

I usually turn to my Peggy Porschen recipe which is authentic as it stays true to the cookie’s German origins. I needed a quicker, easier version this year so turned to my other stalwart BBC Food website & found this recipe.


Between nursing my sick toddler to health, holding down the day job & moving house, I forgot to buy the Golden Syrup. But I DID have lots of honey left over from the copius hot honey & lemon toddies we consumed in an effort to soothe our sore throats.

I think the honey makes a lighter cookie. I also think I prefer this recipe as whilst it isn’t as authentic as Peggy’s, it is less spicy (no cloves, less ginger) & more palatable to little ones.


I used a meringue-based icing made of sugar & egg whites so that it set hard. I used a runny version to flood the middle & a less watered down harder version for the outlines.



Merry Christmas!
Bex xxx



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