I chews you!

As any of you with small bitey children know a certain teething toy, while being so loved, is very expensive to keep replacing.  I am of course talking about Sophie la Giraffe.  Unfortunately due to their swingability these wonderful creatures are being flung overboard in shopping centres all over the country never to be found again.  We can only wonder where all the lost Sophies end up.

After a close encounter in John Lewis the other day I decided as a responsible giraffe owner I would take matters into my own hands.  The moral issue of keeping animals in captivity aside, Sophie needed to be restrained!  She needed a lead!

I started by googled ‘Sophie leads” and got some ideas.  There were 2 options, wrap it round her neck or a more complex but less sadistic looking wrap around option.

Sophie and some ribbon in hand I started wrapping until I’d worked it out.  Then pins and no sew poppers (totally my new favourite crafty things!) at the ready I went to work.

I literally started at the beginning and put the first popper in.

20140206-171130.jpgI think marked out where I wanted all the other poppers to go with a pin.  There is a small loop at the start to either put around baby’s wrist, buggy or anything you want to attach it to.

20140206-171140.jpgThen I simply added the remaining poppers.  Be careful here to make sure you put them the right way round.  I won’t deny that I put a couple the wrong way round and had to start again.

And that is it!  Really it is that simple.  You could use velcro too to stick it in place.  Just from a safety point of view I wouldn’t use buttons as I wanted to ensure that it would come undone should it get tangled or stuck. And here is it:

20140206-171149.jpgAnd for S a super special vintage lace version.  Naturally dahling!!


Boo x


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