Meet Harts and Carafts

Harts and Carafts was started by Rebecca Hart and Cara Williams (Kinney) to follow our attempts at and escapades in crafts. Here’s a little about us:

Cara (Beeing Boo)

Why Beeing Boo? I’ve been called Boo since I was little and it’s just kinda stuck. And, I really love bees!

I just love making stuff. I don’t always finish stuff, and there are always at least 4 things on the go, but I’m always making something. I’m happiest and most confident doing needley things, like cross stitch and crochet but will try most things. I am in no way as elegant or enthusiastic baker or cook as gorgeous Bexlar (check out her awesome icing skills), but I’m always happy to chuck a cake together!


I am an enthusiastic cook & working Mum. I have a very sweet tooth & love to bake in my spare time. I’m hoping to pick up some old crafts I used to enjoy & learn some new ones. I’ll blog about my exploits as I go. This blog is a place to document & keep all my art & crafting adventures (& keep up with Cara’s wonderful exploits)! If other readers enjoy it too; bonus!




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